The company

The company provides storage of cereals and in particular wheat
(soft and hard) and sunflower. The provision of the service starts from
the receipt of seed from the production of the cereals referred to in
τους μήνες Ιούνιο, Ιούλιο, Αύγουστο και Σεπτέμβριο κάθε έτους, καθώς εξαρτάται
by the prevailing climatic conditions. More specifically:
✓ The cultivation of wheat (soft and hard) is one of the most
winter cereals as sowing starts from the beginning of October until the end of the year.
and mid-January. Wheat plants grow during the first half of the year.
during the winter and the seed of the crop is harvested when the
moisture content of the seed is reduced below 15%, in the period from
June to July.
✓ The cultivation of sunflower is one of the spring cereals as the
is sown at the end of winter and grows during the
of spring. The harvesting of the seeds of the sunflower plants takes place when
moisture content of the seeds is 8-10%, during the period from the end of August to
early September.
The cereal seed is then sold to businesses in
in the short term, so that the quality of the seeds is excellent.

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